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10 Simple Ways to Improve Grades 

 Here is 10 ways that you can improve grades so that you will never struggle with getting the grades you want again.

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1.       Go to class everyday!

§  If you have to miss a class, make sure you get the lectures notes, homework, and handouts from someone in that same class.


2.       Go over all the class material.

§  Set aside what you don’t understand in the class.

§  Research to try to understand the material better.

§  Whatever you do not understand, take it to your professor and ask them as many questions as possible.


3.       Find out your Professors office hours.

§  Find when they have time to help you out by asking.

§  Take all your questions and put them down on a piece of paper so you don’t forget them.

§  Present this in front of your professor or teacher aid.


4.       Do all the work.

§  Do your homework.

§  Do the class work.

§  Do your projects.

§  Read all the material from the text.

§  And turn it all in on time!


5.       Look for any extra credit.

§  Ask your professor for any.

§  Add more than is needed to assignments for maybe some extra points.


6.       Make sure your studying all the time.

§  Study after class while it is still fresh in your mind.

§  Avoid studying the night before a test.

§  Go over the material at least once a night for about 20 minutes.


7.       Get Organized

§ Organize all your notes together from newest to oldest.

§  Throw out anything you don’t need in your binder.

§ Keep the class syllabus in the front of your notebook.

     i.  This often had a lot of important information on them like teachers email, office hours, when tests and exams are and when things are due.


8.       Don’t just throw your test away when you get it back.

§  If you did horrible find out what questions you got wrong

§  Go over them and find the correct answer.

§  Ask your professor if there are any make-up tests.


9.       See your academic counselor

§  They have tips for to get better grades.

§  They might have some tutors that you can have help you

§  They know all about the school so they what there is to assist you.


10. Know when to ask for help.

§  Don’t wait till your final to ask for help, this might be to late

§  Teachers and professors like to know that you are doing everything you can to improve grades. This might help you in the end when you’re on the border of a C+ or a B-.

§  As soon as you’re struggling find some academic help.  Even if it’s in the first week, this is a great time to start.