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An Easy Way to “ACE” Your Finals with These 5 Simple Test Taking Tips   

Doing well on your finals can be really easy for you if you know the right test taking tips. Right here are 5 tips that will help you get the best grades on your finals you ever have.


.          Time Management: 

o   Manage your time wisely. This is the key to success during finals week. 

o   Don’t wait till the last few days to study for your exams.  

o   Take about the first month before your finals and designated about an hour a day to study for your classes.  

§  For your harder ones, dedicate more days than other classes 

This can eliminate stress and clear your scattered mind before your finals. 


.          Learn About The Actual Final: 

o   Ask your professors what the test is going to be like.

§  Is it multiple choice or fill in the blank?

§  Is it short answer or essay questions?

o   Find out if it is going to be cumulative from the first day of class or if it is just from the last midterm.

§  Sometimes professors make it only on the last couple of chapters your class has learned.

This can save you time and let you focus on harder classes. 

.          Sleep and Nutrition  

o   It is important to at least get 7 hours of sleep a night on a regular basis. And even more important before your finals.

§  It is not good for you to stay up studying the night before because you wont remember the material and you wont be able to concentrate as well.

o   While your studying, eat healthy snacks to energize you. Make sure you eat a nutritious breakfast in the mornings of your finals as well.

Sleeping will keep you fresh and ready to “ACE” your finals and eating write will keep you focused on your finals.  

.          Save Time for Other Activities: 

o   Make sure you take breaks.

§  Hang out with your friends a little.

§  Go for a walk outside.

§  Play some Frisbee.

o   You need to make sure you are still exercising.

§  This releases your endorphins and keeps your mood level happy.

o   Just make sure you know when its time to stop and begin to study again.

o   Make sure you also keep away from partying this time of the year.

These test taking tips will make your study a lot more effective and keep you even more focused.  

.          Time of the Exam: 

o   Arrive on time to your final, even 5 minutes early.  

o   Go over the whole exam before taking it. 

§  Answer the easiest ones first and the ones that are worth more points.  

o   Use all your time and go over the exam a few times if needed.  

o   Only change your answers if your 100% sure its wrong. 

§  Usually your first instinct is correct. 

o   Never leave an answer blank. 

All of these test taking tips will get you the great you wan to receive on your finals.